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Talking To The Moon

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Intense deep and mysterious….

The smell that has been left on the pillow or on his forgotten scarf, the one that comes to mind when I think of him. That smell that destabilizes, obsesses and confuses, his perfume that binds me to him. He is now forever in my memory because of its « making love » weapon : Talking to the moon.

His words are gone, his perfume lingers…

From the first second, addiction is installed. The masculine charm located earlier/spotlight  by aromatic notes such cypress, lavender and artemisia. Then the spicy and leathery orris flower is bewitches and obsesses anyone who comes up to. All in a male frame of great richness with patchouly, cedarwood and also a misleading sweetness of a sensual vanilla.

Essential oils: artemisa, cardamom from Guatemala, coriander seed, cypress, lavender, orris flower, Indonesian patchouly, bergamot

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