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On the 15th July 2014 INDIGO PERFUME MARBELLA was born!

Marbella, a unique place, with a festive and magical atmosphere, where we find all the charms and smells of Andalucia – a true passion for the young, french perfumer Marion Nadjar.

In her laboratory, she takes extreme care, selecting with love her high quality raw materials that create perfumes that invigorate the senses.

It is based on her experiences and past trips, creating with originality and passion true works of art, in which some of the perfumes can carry up to sixty different raw materials!!

A pure line of perfumes, with different faces, all based on the delicacy and taste of Marion Nadjar.

A magical adventure within the spectrum of aromas.

Marion was born in Paris, France.

She obtained a masters in chemistry, specializing in perfumery within the Institut Supérieur de International du Parfum, Cosmetique et de l’Aromatique alimentaire.(international superior Institute of Fragrance, cosmetic and aromatic food.)

She has worked for large multinationals in the perfume industry.

“In the arms of my mother, I reveled in the talent of Guerlain, with its Guerlinade like with its Jardins de Bagatelle, up to the point of berating a professor because of copying my mother to carry the latter perfume.

My inspirations are varied, but equally beautiful.  From the Jemaa El Fna Square and its shops in the heart of Marrakech; to a crab grilled on a beach in Thailand, the flowers of the Caribbean; los naranjos of Andalucia; or even a shower of saltwater in the Maldives served me to polish my nose during each day of my childhood.

After studying for my degree in chemsitry, I was fortunate enough to enter a great school (ISIPCA), that taught the skills of perfumery.

I then made my way to Grasse, the cradle of the perfumery, where I delighted in the fields of roses, jasmine and other natural resources that enliven our sense of smell.

Today I’m focusing my body and soul to this work of perfumers to realize the scented taste of my customers in the city of Marbella – a place I have known since childhood, that´s beauty never fails to amaze me….”

Call + 34 607 697 399, email or make an appointment to visit the design studio in Marbella.